Silicon Strip Led

Today Giovenzana International B.V. begins to develop a new range of lighting solutions for elevator sector, specifically designed to be installed in elevator shaft.

Giovenzana Elevator Solutions is a range of products specifically designed to be installed in elevator shaft. This new patented product range is in compliance with the standards EN81.20/50, GOST 33984.1-2016 and ABNT NBR NM 207-267. It reduces considerably the installation time and cost. Due to its innovative design, this AC solution does not need power supply and can be easily adaptable to the shaft contours.

Giovenzana offers two different solutions:
GSLC SERIES > components in kit to assembly.
GSL SERIES > prewired LED strips.


GSLC SERIES – KIT TO ASSEMBLY (Components sell separately)

GSLC Series is a solder-free connection solution specially designed to ease the installation of Giovenzana products. It uses profiled technology connectors, guaranteeing a quick installation, reliability and connections sealing.
Giovenzana new GSLC Series flexible strips consisting in a complete range of products and are sell separately to compose a customized kit to assembly.


A LED strip is a specific linear lighting solution where all the electrical and electronic components are placed in a substrate (usually a flexible PCB) and encapsulated by a material which provides with mechanical and electrical isolating properties.
Giovenzana propose two different typology of flexible led strips: GSL30 and GSL60.


Giovenzana provides with all the components and accessories needed for installation and power connection. The connectors are designed with the patented profiled technology. We recommend the use of our components and accessories in order to assure the correct performance of the system.

GSL SERIES – PREWIRED LED STRIPS (Including all necessari for installation)

GSL Series flexible strips are especially designed to provide with continuous light flux for elevator in shaft in compliance with EN 81-20/50. They are cuttable and bendable and can be produced up to 300 meters per roll. Different lenghts are available. Giovenzana new GSL Series flexible strips consisting in a complete product composed of:
• STRIP LED TENSORS (2 pieces)

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