GIOVENZANA: OUR FUTURE IS ALSO WITH JOiiNT LAB – Robotic Intelligence League Bergamo
A laboratory between IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) and Intellimech Consortium (Research Consortium for Mechatronics)


Born to develop robotics and artificial intelligence solutions in the industrial field, it is a pioneering initiative for our Bergamo-based company that sees the support of nine important companies: ABB, Brembo, Elettrocablaggi, Fassi, Cosberg, Giovenzana International, SDF, SIAD, Valtellina.

The aim of the Laboratory is to facilitate the application in real scenarios of advanced technologies developed by IIT, including smart working remotely in the industrial field and collaborative robotics.
The initiative involves an investment of 5.2 million Euros and the employment of 15 researchers and about ten engineers, highly trained specialists and PhD students from Kilometro Rosso and companies, for a total of about 25 operators who will carry out the activity under the supervision of some IIT researchers working in the field of advanced robotics.

Giovenzana is one of the promoting companies!

Engineering and high quality are combined daily with strong know-how in order to provide innovative solutions that adapt to customer needs.

For this reason, Giovenzana takes this great opportunity for the real technological breakthrough that will bring the Joiint Lab project. As Partner we will have priority access to the research results. They will be applied to our security solutions to improve the offer and guarantee, even more, high quality and greater competitive advantage in our markets.

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