Giovenzana announces a new partnership with IPT Technology

Giovenzana announces the partnership with IPT Technology

to revolutionize in the world of Automation, Material Handling and Elevators

Giovenzana International B.V., leader in the design, the development and the production of high-quality components in many industrial fields like Automation, Lift and Elevator, Handling system and ATEX and IECEx, has announced a new distributor partnership with IPT Technology GmbH, the leading wireless power transfer provider.

The partnership offers a complete next-generation power transfer solution for many industrial applications using today’s most advanced wireless power transfer technologies.

Giovenzana has become a well-known name in offering innovative and safety electrical solutions as a reliable technology partner to government, commercial and industrial sectors. Like Giovenzana, IPT has established itself as a trusted technology partner for its innovative electrical solutions.


“Giovenzana is proud to continue delivering value with the addition of IPT Wireless Power Transfer solutions for its customer base. This is a big breakthrough in our effort to provide customers with next-generation power transfer solutions. We strongly believe that IPT’s innovative technologies and expertise can help us create new and unique solutions for our customers,” says Mehmet Resit, Sales & Marketing Director, Giovenzana.


“We are very proud that Giovenzana has chosen IPT to provide wireless power transfer solutions for the industrial market,” says Richard van den Dool, CEO, IPT Technology. “With an expanded worldwide presence, this partnership will allow IPT to support and serve customers specific needs quickly and efficiently. Our collective commitment to delivering products, systems and services that increase flexibility to production processes and guarantee optimum safety and improved availability even in harsh, wet, or sensitive environments. IPT aims to simplify customer access to the extensive range of contactless power transfer solutions through our distributor partners. New innovative products will also be made available, including our smaller, smarter, and lighter 85 kHz series of IPT Rail and Floor contactless power transfer solutions, ready for Industry 4.0.”


How does IPT’s Inductive Power Transfer work?

IPT® technology provides electrical energy without any mechanical contact. It utilizes the induction principle like a transformer. An alternating electric current in the primary circuit produces an alternating electromagnetic field. By the law of electromagnetic induction, this field induces an alternating current in a secondary circuit nearby. IPT systems allows relative motion of the two windings. The transmission characteristics are optimized using a high transmission frequency of 20 kHz or 85 kHz.

Giovenzana International will be the official distributor of IPT® Rail, IPT® Floor and IPT® Industrial Charge products. It will be responsible for sales, supporting IPT with the local installation, trial tests, operation and after-sales. The appointing of the partnership with Giovenzana belongs to IPT’s commercial strategy to establish local Sales & Service partnerships to optimise customer centrality.


About IPT Technology

For 25 years, IPT is a leading solutions provider of innovative technology and applications for wireless electrification and battery charging. IPT design, manufacture, install and service Inductive Power Transfer systems to power up all types of vehicles ranging from cars and buses to ships, robots, and material handling equipment. IPT’s products applied in both industrial and electrical mobility applications that use wireless power transfer to provide a highly efficient, reliable, hassle-free and safe charging experience.

More information: @IPT Technology

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