About us


This is the leitmotif that has inspired Giovenzana International since 1952; the same family today, now at its third generation, that works in four main different fields:

  • ATEX & IECEx

The R&D department, daily in contact with all the market needs and design-in of major corporations, provides safety solutions for those who use our products every day. The company sells to 75 countries and develops components with different applications in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality system and always keeping an eye on the environment, in compliance with ISO 14001:2015. Giovenzana’s products are used in areas where security is the key, for this reason the most important matter for our company is the operators’ safety! It means European and International standards, certified products and brand awareness.

Important application and innovations with a positive result recognized worldwide!


We are leaders in elevator maintenance.


Different supply lines for lifting devices.


A wide range of automation products to meet different needs.


Giovenzana covers the territory with five different logistic poles.


Since 1995 the quality system is a guarantee to the end user.

We are leaders in elevator maintenance.


Giovenzana, leader in lifts maintenance, is a partner of many Lift companies, with which various agreements were made.

The last regulations for the plant construction or refurbishment (EN81.20 and EN81.50) saw Giovenzana as dot connection with larger international companies.

Today Giovenzana International is considered “A reference point for Safety solution“. Giovenzana’s products have found application also in important structures such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the modern Burj Khalifa in Dubai with more than 160 floors.

Different supply lines for lifting devices.


Now more than ever challenges are fought on all fronts and the logic of flexibility of the system power busbar for crane has been adapted with the necessary precautions enslavement of building maintenance unit cradle.

The engineering of the most important customers find in Giovenzana a perfect team supporting the process for application in major facilities as airports, mall, cranes and also building maintenance. A special application may be seen at Astronomic Observatory in Trento, Italy.

Customer drawing to sustain and satisfy each request or customization is a daily concept of Giovenzana’s philosophy, to be a partner and… creating a Customer Management.

A wide range of automation products to meet different needs.


A wide range of automation products help our partners to solve everyday technical or safety problems.

Building the future with and for customers is what Giovenzana started over 60 years ago with commitment and dedication.

Giovenzana covers the territory with five different logistic poles.


Giovenzana, in order to support the market and its different necessities, has created this organization that is always in process to cover territory in five different hubs.

Manufacturers units:
G.G.T. S.R.L. (Milan, Italy) – historical unit
G.G.H. K.F.T. (Budapest, Hungary)

GIOVENZANA INTERNATIONAL B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherland) Industrial & Commercial

Electra Engineering (Milan, Italy)

Sales office:
G.T.R. LCC (Moscow, Russian Federation) office and Logistic Hub
GIOVENZANA INTERNATIONAL B.V. (Budapest, Hungary) office and delivery
GIOVENZANA INTERNATIONAL B.V. (Dubai U.A.E.) office and Logistic Hub for ME and FE included China India Oceania Africa
GIOVENZANA CONTROLS INDIA Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India) office
G.G.D. (Hannover, Germany) office
G.G.B. (San Paulo, Brasil) office and Logistic Hub

Logistic warehouses:
Italy, Hungary, Russian Federation, Dubai U.A.E.


Giovenzana International B.V., leader in the elevator and lifting equipment field, has gained a prominent position in the automation sector with its launch of industrial control accessories into the market. For many years, all commercial and industrial operations have been integrated within the framework of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Ref.: quality system CSQ certificate N 9105. GIOV). Giovenzana has fulfilled its commitment to the quality of its products since 1995.

Our production processes

Giovenzana International B.V. is specialized in design, development and production of high quality components in many industrial fields: automation, lift and elevator, handling system, ATEX and IECEx.

Daily we offer certified products and safety solutions for those who use our products every day; these safety solutions undergo continuous and rigorous analysis and are the result of a custom design production in full accordance with European and International standards in terms of safety and quality system.

Engineering and high quality combine with our long-time experience and company know-how, in order to provide innovative solutions that adapt to any market need.

Product Design
Product Testing
Product Development
Product Placement
R&D department is in charge of product design, ant its goal is to guarantee the technical development of our products. R&D operates for create better features and responds to the customer request of improvement with innovative solutions.
Inspection process consists in a sequence of rigorous operations and procedures, in order to test the right performance of all our products, before entering the market and before they reach the customer, in order to guarantee security and quality for all operators.
Industrial level production is the combined efforts of all human resources and activities related to the transformation of prime materials into the development of superior products. With our technical department highly specialized and the most advanced machinery and technology, everyday we meet the level of excellence demanded by our customers. All Giovenzana's products are developed following carefully the standards of the final markets for which they are intended, thus meeting all the required certifications.
Only when a product successfully pass the rigorous inspection process, it can access to the last phase, which consists in making it available on the reference markets for its distribution and use on a global scale.