Giovenzana has obtained the important certifications for ATEX and IECEx company system (QAN and QAR) for the potentially EXplosion ATmospheres. ATEX is the European Directive mandatory in conformity with the International Standard EN60079 – IEC60079.
Giovenzana develops projects realizing and constructing safety solution systems, equipment and components. The goal is to protect people and environment with these safety components.
Our explosion proof product catalogue (for Zone 1-2, 21-22 Gas and Dust) is in continuous development by our R&D Engineers.

  • Switch Disconnectors Regolus Ex Series from 25A to 100A;
  • Enclosures Regolus Ex Series with a wide temperature range: -60°C/+150°C;
  • Limit Switches Rotary Gear FGR2-Ex Series;
  • Microswitches MFI-Ex Series;
  • Cam Switches Phoenix Ex from 12A to 40A;
  • Festoon System Ex Series.
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