The CAR TOP DEVICES we offer are made using superior quality material under strict quality control to ensure accuracy, durability and performance. Our elevator inspection maintenance stations can be customized to suit any brand of elevators and can be fitted even at a later stage to make elevator inspection safer.

The main peculiarities of the GM Series maintenance keyboards are:

  • Possibility to be configured with multiple dimensional box variables, basing on the requested number of operators and responding both to specific customers’ needs and to specific norms of each nation; possibility to be supplied with or without socket;
  • Plastic materials tested by R&D in compliance with the strictest international norms and responding to the certification of self-exstinguishing UL-94 with value V0;
  • Packaging and related operator keys with minimum protection grade IP65;
  • Laser engraved symbols according to EN 60204-1, FEM 9.941;
  • Emergency mushroom-shaped keys of Pegasus Series, which has always been a strong point for quality, duration and reliability in the functioning, responding to the norm EN 13850;
  • electric contact, beating heart of our keyboards and a fundamental element for safety, the PCW Series with spring anti-vibration clip, positive opening (for “faster” insertion of the electric cable) made in complete automatism and electrically and mechanically 100% tested; patented in their functions, tested and approved against vibrations in compliance to the norm EN 60068-2-26 and EN 60069-2-27 and certified CSA, UL, IMQ, CCC, EAC, RINA;
  • the new norm EN 81-20 requires that the inspection operation control device has to be necessarily made of an inspection cam switch, which has to satisfy the requirements of the Electric Safety Devices (DES). Such commutator has to be bi-stable and has to be protected against involuntary activations. Giovenzana cam switches of Phoenix Series satisfy the whole requirements, guaranteeing the certain and safe separation of the interruption devices of the circuit (positive opening of the contact).