GM Series control units which are present in the pit compartment are characterized by single and multiple packagings, according to needs for reduced encumbrance or electric structure of the whole system requested by the customer.
Further news introduced by EN81.20 and EN81.50, supported for Giovenzana’s maintenance technician’s safety, (beyond the already present emergency and signal devices) is a second keyboard for the cabin control also in the bottom pit, and a new signal product (located under the cabin), acoustic and luminous, in order to draw the technician’s attention in case of the cabin to be moved by another technician.

The product range is made by the following typologies:

  • Emergency lever switches with cam commuters, certified CSA- UL – IMQ – CCC – EAC ecc.
  • Emergency mushroom-shaped keys in box, with external diameter 40mm o 60mm, Push-Pull version or rotation unlock in classic or direct/luminous sight, complete of PCW01 with contact NC with positive opening, and double interruption certified CSA- UL – IMQ – CCC – EAC.
  • Boxes from 1 to 4 holes on the GM Series made of emergency mushroom-shaped keys – with key or selector for compartment light and socket with different typologies, according to the nation of use, all complying with the norm EN81.20 and EN81.50.
  • New keyboard made to comply with the norm EN81.20 and EN81.50 of the TLP Series, made of emergency mushroom-shaped key with diameter 40mm – cam commutator “Normal-Ispection” – ascent/descent key and consent with new symbology and complete colouring of NC and NO contacts of the PCW series, synonym of quality, reliability and technology.
  • TLP5 keyboard is now equipped of its own holder which allows a safe positioning on the wall of the pit compartment.
  • New box 1 hole of GM Series, in order to satisfy the need of an acoustic and luminous signal under the cabin in compliance with EN81.20 and EN81.50, which integrates an electronic device, highly luminous/ long duration and low electric comsumption, completed by an external acustic buzzer, highly effective and guaranteed by IP65, and by adding a yellow emergency key.

Everything is closed into an innovative device, a meeting point between design and functionality, which guarantees the highest quality and Giovenzana standard level.

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