Technical documentation


Take a closer look and find the most suitable documentation to help with your work, with specific catalogs, technical brochures and datasheets covering all Giovenzana’s products, as well as documents to help you choose the best solution. All of our catalogs are available for download online.


Phoenix Cam Switches

Regolus Switch Disconnectors

Auxiliary Controls

Limit & Micro Switches

Lift Catalogue

EN81.20 & 50 RULES

Handling System Catalogue

Data & Energy Transmission Systems Catalogue

ATEX & IECEx Catalogue

Silicon Led Strips

Silicon Led Strips – Installation Manual

Instruction manuals

ATEX Disconnectors Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Sezionatori ATEX catalogo-italiano-ATEX Disconnectors Manual
ATEX Enclosures Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Custodie ATEX catalogo-italiano-ATEX Enclosures Manual
ATEX Festoon Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Linea Festoni ATEX catalogo-italiano-ATEX Festoon Manual catalogo-italiano-ATEX Festoon Manual
ATEX Rotary Limit Switches Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Finecorsa rotativi ATEX catalogo-italiano-ATEX Rotary Limit Switches Manual
ATEX Micro switches Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Micro interruttori ATEX catalogo-italiano-ATEX Micro switches Manual

Work in progress


Work in progress

Lift StripLed Manual catalogo-italiano-Manuale Lift StripLed catalogo-italiano-Lift StripLed Manual catalogo-italiano-Lift StripLed Manual