PHOENIX CAM SWITCHES are manufactured in compliance with the strictest international and European standards (IEC/EN 60947-3, UL508) and thus satisfy all the strict safety needs.

The range is characterised by its robustness and reliability and it includes a number of intrinsic features that ensure maximum product reliability in industrial applications.

The cam switches can be used for interrupting, switching, drifting electric circuits and control engines. Having a wide size range, versions and accessories, such cam switches are suitable for each need and each kind of schematic/functional customization.

For a correct choice of the product, the future use has to be considered, by referring to the different application categories in compliance with the norms IEC/EN 60947-3, by comparing the exercise values (tension [V], electricity[A] and power [W]) of the load to be controlled through the switch.

Phoenix Cam Switches can be used in various applications, which go from industrial automation to employment in food machinery (professional coffee machines, production of pasta, bottling machines..) through engine fuel supply, distribution switchboards and controls for professional welding machines.


    • PO & PX from 12A, 16A & 20A;
    • CO & CX from 25A, 32A & 40A;
    • CO from 63A & 80A;
    • G from 125A;
    • G from 200A.


Mounting: Rear | Base | DIN