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Equipment for explosive GAS and DUST atmospheres, having a “high” level of protection, which is not a source of ignition in normal operation or during expected malfunctions.
Ideal solutions for efficient operation and monitoring of multiple electrical circuits and machinery in explosion hazardous areas.

Designed to meet the requirements for ON and OFF-SHORE use, in petrochemical and marine applications and for any other industry where an explosive atmosphere may be present.
The product is fully customizable in size and material of the enclosure, number of holes, type of operators.

It can be equipped with following Ex de certified components:

  • Contacts and operation heads;
  • Emergency push buttons;
  • Signal lamps with or without push button;
  • Measuring instruments: ammeters, voltmeters, millameters;
  • Circuit breaker, contactors, miniature relays, busbars;
  • Load isolation switches with handle;
  • Rotary switches;
  • Operation Windows;
  • Pressing Line Terminals.


Materials: Stainless steel AISI 316L, Aluminium with low content of copper and GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester).

Surface treatment: Stainless steel: Acid treatment (pickling) / Aluminium: Standard with polyester powder coating RAL 7001.

Optional accessories depending of enclosure material:

  • Electropolish treatment (Stainless Steel only);
  • Side gland plates (Stainless Steel only);
  • Hinges;
  • Drain/breather valve;
  • Traffolyte/Stainless steel certificate label;
  • Internal mounting plate;
  • Locking facility (Stainless Steel only);
  • Earth continuity plates (GRP only);
  • Passing through earth bolt.

Degree of protection: IP66 / IP67

Ambient temperature range: -50°C to 95°C (depending on the component used). Other possible ranges are with:

  • min temperature: -50°C to -20°C;
  • max temperature of: 40°C to 95°C.


  • CS/JB**A/G*****EX Series Copper-free aluminium / GRP
  • CS/JB** S******EX AISI 316L stainless steel

Hardware, screws and locking devices: AISI 316L stainless steel

Electrical data: Depending on mounted components.

Temperature Class: T6 (T85°C), T5 (T100°C), T4 (135°C) (depending on the component used).


Global (IECEx):
Ex ia IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Ga2 or
Ex eb IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 or
Ex e IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 or
Ex db eb ia/ib mb [3] IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 and/or Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C/T135°C Db

Europe (ATEX):
II 1 G Ex ia IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Ga2 or
II 2 G Ex eb IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 or
II 2(1) G Ex db eb ia/ib mb [3] IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 or
II 2G (1D) Ex db e ia/ib mb [Ex iaD] IIC/IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb1 and/or II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C/T135°C Db


1) Others type of protection additional to Ex e/eb depending to the components actually mounted.
2) In case of enclosures containing Ex e/Ex eb terminals and/or Ex ia Ga already certified components (with compatible marking) only.
3) Associated equipment protection depending on the components actually mounted (see lists): e.g. [ia/ib Ga/ia IIIC Da] and/or [ia IIIC Da] or [ia/ib/ia Ga/ia IIIC Da] and/or [ia/ib/ia Ga] [ia IIIC Da]

Standard certificate label: Made by self adhesive UV and corrosion resistant polyester, approved by certified Laboratory.

Compliant with:

IEC 60079-0 & EN IEC 60079-0 – Equipment – General requirement
IEC 60079-1 & EN IEC 60079-1 – Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures “d” IEC 60079-7 & EN IEC 60079-7 – Equipment protection by increased safety “e” IEC 60079-11 & EN IEC 60079-11 – Equipment protection by intrinsic safety “i” IEC 60079-18 & EN 60079-18 – Equipment protection by encapsulation “m”
IEC 60079-31 & EN 60079-31 – Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure “t”


  • Type of protection Ex eb: It provides an impact resistant enclosure for electrical equipment and ensures that the contents will not produce a spark, temperature or current creepage that could ignite the external flammable atmosphere in a hazardous area zone, location or workspace.
  • Type of protection Ex tb: It avoids combustible dust (IIIC) penetration into the enclosure and ensures surface temperature limitation for use in explosive dust atmospheres.


  • Type of protection Ex db: Electric equipment is installed in enclosure suitable to withstand the pressure raised during the internal explosion and avoids flame transmission to the external potentially explosive atmosphere.
  • Type of protection Ex ia / ib: The energy of the circuit which could be capable of igniting a potentially explosive atmosphere is limited so that neither sparking nor heating of the electrical components can ignite the surrounding potentially explosive atmosphere.
  • Type of protection Ex mb: Encapsulation allows the separation of the alive parts from the explosive atmosphere.