Attention for products quality, will of excellence, innovation researches and continuous development of new projects by our R&D department, represent our daily commitment.

All our commercial and industrial activities were included in the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality System (CSQ Certificate N 9105. GIOV.).

The Quality System is to the end user the guarantee that all the production phases are kept under control in an effective way and that they respect the establishedrequirements both by the company, as per the expectations of the client and in conformity with the most important international standards.

With the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (CSQ certificate N 9191. GIBV.) Giovenzana uses new technologies that limit the consumption of raw materials, energy and natural resources in order to minimize waste and emissions, protecting the environment.

All the products are of certified quality and follow the guidelines Rohs, Pfos, Raee and Reach.

The company’s goal is to offer safety, reliability and innovative solutions.


All Giovenzana products are manufactured according to the most relevant international directives.


All Giovenzana products are manufactured according to the most relevant international directives.


Giovenzana has obtained all the certifications of ATEX and IECEx company system (QAN and QAR) for the potentially Explosion Atmospheres. ATEX is the European Directive mandatory in conformity with the international standard EN 60079 – IEC 60079. Giovenzana develops, implements projects and builds safety systems and solutions, equipment and components. The aim is to protect people and the environment through the safety of components, systems and equipment.


From January 1st, 1997 it is compulsory to CE mark all electromechanical products: this has been outlined by an important regulation: 2006/95/CE Low Voltage Directives. All Giovenzana products are manufactured according the most relevant Cee directives. Giovenzana certifies this compliance with a Declaration of Conformity.


European directives, applied to all national regulations, set the minimum requirements in term of safety of all electrical material sold within the EU. The compliance to these requirements is certified to the manufacturer by the CE mark placed on the products.


Giovenzana’s products comply with both the European EN and the American UL standards.These regulations, such as CEI EN 60204-1 (CEI 44-5) with regards to the safety requirements of the electrical circuits on board industrial machinery, define the characteristics, performance and use of the products.


The EN European standards are originated from IEC International standards and are the result of the collaboration between CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) member countries. These standards cover and eliminate existing national standards that may be contradictory and non-compliant.