Giovenzana International B.V., leader in the elevator and lifting equipment field, has gained a prominent position in the automation sector with its launch of industrial control accessories into the market. For many years, all commercial and industrial operations have been integrated within the framework of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Ref.: quality system CSQ certificate N 9105. GIOV). Giovenzana has fulfilled its commitment to the quality of its products since 1995.

The quality system is the end user’s guarantee that all production stages are maintained under strict control and adhere to the requirements set by the company, both in terms of customer expectations and compliance to the relevant international standards as proved by the various certificates Giovenzana holds for its products. With the certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (Ref.: certification CSQ N 9191. GIBV), Giovenzana keeps up with new technologies in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and natural resources and to minimize refuse and emissions in hopes of progressively reducing negative impacts on the environment. Giovenzana products are in conformity to directives Rohs, Pfos, Raee and Reach.


All Giovenzana products are manufactured according to the relevant Cee directives. Giovenzana certifies this compliance with a declaration of conformity.


In order to reach the high level of quality Giovenzana’s products achieve, they are tested by multiple third parties. In order to obtain the UL mark, Giovenzana submits its products to be tested by Underwriter Laboratories Inc., one of the most prestigious independent certification companies in the world.


Recently Giovenzana entered into the sector of environments potentially explosive for gas and combustible dust areas, starting to develop Explosion-proof safety products in accordance with the strict and mandatory European Directive ATEX and marking its products in growing development with IECEx certifications for the global market and soon also with the HAZARDOUS LOCATION UL according to the North American Standard system.


As of January 1, 1997 it is compulsory to CE mark all electro-mechanical products. This has been outlined by two important regulations: 72/23 CEE and 93/68 CEE Low Voltage Directives.


European directives, applied to all national regulations, set the minimum requirements in term of safety of all electrical material sold within the EU. The compliance to these requirements is certified to the manufacturer by the CE mark placed on the products.


Giovenzana’s products comply with both the European EN and the American UL standards. These regulations, such as the EN 60024 (covering the safety requirements of the electrical circuits on board industrial machinery), define the characteristics, performance and use of the products.


The EN European standards usually originate from IEC International and are the result of the collaboration between CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) member countries. These standards cover and eliminate existing national standards that may be contradictory or out of date.