Slip Rings

Slip rings allow the transmission of electricity from a fixed to a rotary part, and viceversa.

They mount rings with a special alloy on a steel shaft FIXED PART.

Forks for brushes (sliding contacts) MOVING PART which, pushing on the rings through special steel springs ensure continuity of the electric contact.

The fixed and the moving parts can exchange roles indifferently.

Brushes can all be replaced.


Application field:

The application of this product are various, from the classical use in rotary carousels to the wind field, going through applications on: agriculture machinery, bottling plants, cranes and truck cranes, plants for water purification, silos.


Product lines:

- Shield protection grade IP 51 payload 20 A rings from min. 3 to max. 16

Upon request:

- Prism protection grade IP 00 payload 50 A rings from min. 3 to max. 16

- Naval protection grade IP 65 payload 50 A rings from min. 3 to max. 16

Ring material

- Shield: COPPER

- Prism / Naval: METAL-GRAPHITE

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