Rotary Gear Limit switches

The Giovenzana’s rotary gear limit switch is a device used to control the number of rotation or direction angle of industrial and building machines. A typical application is to control the position of the rolling shutter door or overhead cranes etc… . The unit controls 2, 4 or more microswitches through a gear system and cams transmission, so that after a defined number of revolutions, it can prepare the motor or the device to start or stop running. The microswitches have a calibration screw that operates independently on each cam; so it can calibrate the opening and the closing of each micro according to the functional requirements needed. The gear-based transmission system allows you to choose different ratios.
The connection of the gear limit switch to the device to be checked is made through a metal shaft which can also be bulging on both sides of it.
Opportunity to be connected through flange, shaft-users interface through Oldham joint, which allows not aligned functioning, pinions for coupling with toothed wheels.

Application field:

Overhead travelling cranes, moving windows for zootechnics, building machines , harbor cranes , quick coil industrial doors, technologies for the show business.


Product lines:

-FGR1 protection grade IP65 rotary ratio from 1:12 to 1:400 from 2 to 4 micro

-FGR2 protection grade IP65 rotary ratio from 1:12 to 1:200 from 4 to 6 micro even with two-sides bulging shaft.

-FGR3 protection grade IP66 rotary ratio from 1:008 to 1:460 from 2 to 4 micro even with absolute and relative encoders.

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